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Driving Success Together

Our Evolution and Growth Journey

Toppoint Inc. was founded in 2015 with extensive roots in paper waste recycling. Created to completely revolutionize the time sensitive export industry of drayage trucking, Toppoint Inc. focused solely on one goal, getting your loads done! Fast forward to today, we are fleet of over 100 trucks with the ability to move a large scale of containers, at times over 200 in a single day, into and out of the ports of Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami. Have us service your Dayage needs today and see how we focus on enhancing your client experience and establishing a long-term partnership with you!

Our Services

Food Waste

We transport damaged and expired perishables. Like damaged cans and beverages.

Paper Waste

Elevate your sustainability game. Our trucks handle paper waste with precision—swift pickups, eco-friendly routes. Join us in the journey toward a paperless and cleaner future.

Scrap Metal

We are your non-ferrous and steel scrap metal export experts. Scrap metal can be moved in 40' and for more dense metals 20' containers. Up to 200 in a single day for high volume needs.


Export timber overseas with ease


Electronic Waste / Batteries /Tires/ Hazmat


We specialize in coordinating your Import containers right to your customer's dock and ensure you save on unnecessary port fees.

Your Recycling Partner

Our Swift Solutions for Eco-Friendly Export

Toppoint Inc., specializes in the time-sensitive export section of the recycling distribution chain. With a fleet of over 125 trucks, we transport nearly 700,000 tons of paper and recycled cardboard waste annually, representing over 75% of the regional NYC Metro, NJ & PA, DE, CT, MD, FL paper waste being transferred for export.

Come Drive for us

Looking for a long-term partnership with a logistics provider that truly cares about your needs and provides consistent reliable work?

Areas We serve

Connecting America’s Ports, Toppoint Inc. proudly serves major hubs: Newark, NYC/NYS/NJ, Packer/Philadelphia, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. Our reliable trucking network ensures seamless transportation, linking these key ports and delivering excellence to the heart of logistics across the East Coast.

New York
New Jersey

Our Customers

Toppoint’s Client Base: Largest Fortune 500 Waste Companies + Over 450 Recycling Centers / Commodity Traders with Nearly 2500 Locations